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Has Oshiomhole seen his certificates?

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Not many  remember that the 2012 Governorship  Election Victory of Embattled APC National Chairman, Come-RAID Adams Oshiomhole   was tainted by a certificate scandal of humiliating proportions .The issue of lack of requisite qualification was filed at the Election Tribunal  by the Edo State PDP Governorship Candidate at the time.It was reported that: “The application filed by PDP’s candidate, Gen. Charles Airhiavbere (retd.), is challenging Oshiomhole’s primary and modern school qualifications. The PDP candidate insisted that Oshiomhole lacked the qualification to contest the July 14 election.“In his claims, the PDP candidate said Oshiomhole was not eligible to contest the election as a result of his academic qualification, as provided for in the Electoral Act and the 1999 Constitution.”Controversial Justice Suleiman Ambrusa dismissed that application, claiming that the Tribunal Lacked Jurisdiction to entertain the application.  According to him, it was a pre-election matter. At the Appeal Court, the ruling of the Tribunal was set aside and the matter referred back to the Tribunal for re-trial.Ambrusa’s panel was later dissolved due to a petition premised on alleged unethical  conduct.But the truth remains, nobody has proven that Oshiomhole has authentic primary and modern school qualifications. How he has managed to make progress is shrouded in the corruption of our system.It is obvious that one of the qualifications of Oshiomhole is the fact that he lacks basic qualification. As Oshiomhole talks without decorum, he should be reminded that Nigerians are aware of his “certificateless” condition. This foundational illiteracy has a way  of making privileged illiterates arrogant..  Nobody expects him to be worried when he has a bitter problem of personal certificate scandal to address. ‘certificatelessness’ has impeded performance as they are held hostage by those who know their condition.If Oshiomhole is in possession of his afore-mentioned   certificates, let him publish same with relevant proofs. It is sad that we have transited into an era of fake certificates.Sadly, the proponents of this fake certificates are leaders of the ruling party.

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