US Based Former Speaker of UNIBEN SUG Parliament Rt. Hon. Governor Ameh Supports Osifo for UBAANA Vice President, Says The Cap Fits Him.

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Osifo: He Who The Cap Fits – By Governor Ameh

True leaders are born with inherent charisma, vigor and capacity, and these traits are honed not from the classroom but from the streets of the struggle. Osifo Favour Osasere epitomizes these and even more. John Maxwell opined, “a great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position”. As I reflect on the candidature of Mr. Osifo, a surge of excitement fills my guts. This does not stem from our personal and “Aluta” relationships, but from of his sheer desire to see a genuine transformation of the Alumni Association of our dear Alma Mata, in North America.

In what most will call a litmus test, Osifo oversaw one of the most transparent elections in the history of University of Benin Alumni Association in North America. He not only delivered on the assigned duties, but he also repositioned the commission to function beyond the election of officials to include continuous voter awareness and increased political participation of future elections. His decision to contest for the position of vice president was received warmly amongst friends, compatriots and well-wishers who are conversant with his leadership abilities. The software engineer who has just bagged his master’s degree from The University of Texas, is a composite gentleman and a quintessential team player who has rallied people of diverse kith and kin to a convergence point, to engineer solutions to social, cultural and existential issues.

Those who know “Quantized Major” know that he is a man of few words but profound actions. Judging from his antecedents, he is an innate leader with an uncommon mien, disposition, and wit. Characteristically, he employs sobriety and meditation to critically analyze situations and dispel well thought out and orchestrated machinations for the good of all. We are confident not just in his ability to deliver but of his unwavering commitment to assigned duties. These qualities and more will be invaluable to any organization especially UBAANA, which is already poised for success. Besides, being a vice president will lay the foundation for the eventual ascendency to higher responsibilities.

The Enogie of Dallas is a loyal, humble, kind, hardworking and dedicated member of the United States’ Airforce. He is a father of a beautiful daughter, and a husband a charming wife. I am proud of the growth and contribution he will bring to our association, and I am even more confident of his successful outing.

Congratulations Osifo Favour Osasere,

Governor Ameh.

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