Torgba Field Marshal for Obaseki’s Re-election is Pro Bono – Albert Obazee

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Since we dropped the update on the Field Marshals of Governor Godwin Obaseki’s Door-To-Door campaign, numerous phone calls and diverse text/WhatsApp messages have been coming in rapidly. Hundreds of people are already indicating interest to be part and parcel of this movement.

This is a clear pointer that more than 90% of Edos are supporting and carrying Governor Godwin Obaseki, and they want to be actively involved.

We appeal to members of the public to exercise diplomatic patience with us, as we are working tirelessly to provide a special WhatsApp number. We are going to be transparent as we have always been and even better. This is an Edo movement, everything that we would be doing would not be secretive in any form. It is going to be made public for transparency sake. We employ you to like and monitor the Crack Team Naija page, as the number would be released before you say “Jack Robinson”. Turn on your Crack Team Naija notification on Facebook to access it immediately it is released.

Currently, we are working on the structure, it is going to be well structured that everyone would know their local government. This is to ensure that everyone focuses on their local government. Individuals would be saddled with the responsibility of winning over their respective local government. That way, no local government would receive “too much” attention at the detriment of another. As all local governments would be evenly allocated and handled.

Everyone would be accountable to his unit , ward and local government.

Disclaimer, this is a pro bono service (free service). If your aim is to “make money” via campaign, please don’t stress yourself at all, don’t contact us! Don’t bother to try to be part of the Field Marshals. It is 100% free as we are all going to make sacrifices. Nobody is going to be paid or given a dime for services. It’s highly going to be sacrificial on all fronts ;from the unit level to the ward and local government levels.

Interested persons are admonished to start mobilizing people in their respective local governments , once the number is released , then we can now start working. For the interim, start reaching out and organizing yourselves across the various local governments.

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