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PHILIP SHAIBU: “Oshiomhole already has the results of the DIRECT PRIMARY election. We know him too well!”

LUKMAN: Yes, I concur with the deputy governor 100%. I think somebody needs to remind Oga Oshiomhole that it is we his children he is dealing with, not outsiders. “Hmm! Oga, na we o!! We know the game o. Or have you forgotten that we know everything? We will begin to talk o. Or have you forgotten that we were with you in your office located at #13, Aso Drive, Abuja, when the 2019 primaries of Ogun, Imo, Lagos and Zamfara states were plotted?” What transpired is that the allocated results were entered into the original results sheets and handed over to the duo of the preferred candidates and the primaries committee chairmen before they left Abuja for their respective states. Oga then instructed each committee chairman to proceed to the state to fulfill the righteousness of some contrived shenanigans called Direct Primaries. After this, the pre-entered results are then announced, some in the state, while others in Abuja, depending on the prevailing resistance and tension. The Zamfara case, though a corrupted version of indirect primary, was a no-go area because Gov. Abdul’aziz Yari mobilized and charged APC members to mount an overwhelming resistance to the evil plot from Abuja. I advise Gov. Obaseki to desist from his harmless, corporate and gentlemanly approach to issues and take some useful tutorials from former governor Abdul’aziz Yari. Going forward, we still have all the details of what transpired, and we will start with the details of Ogun and Imo states. In the case of Ogun, the people that were there that night are Mohammad Ndabawa, who Oga appointed the chairman of the state primary committee, Abiodun, Oga’s anointed candidate was there, one Farouk was there. Romeo, Oga’s bother was there, Abbas Braimah, Oga’s chief of staff, was also there. The entire night was used to concoct and enter the results of about 236 wards, then entered the collated results into about 20 LGAs sheets. Then the final allocated results for each aspirant were finally collated and entered as follows: Abiodun (slightly above 100,000 votes), Lawal (about 51,000 voted), Abimbola (about 30,000 votes), Akinlade (about 23,000 votes), Gbega (about 17,000 votes) and Abayomi (about 9,000 votes). Those were the regions of the allocated votes, I can’t remember the exact figures. The next morning, the Farouk guy came with one Bureau De Change guy called Ibrahim. I knew this BDC guy at zone 4, opposite Sheraton Hotels. He is into so many unclean things that oscillate between Dollars and Politicians. I don’t know who Farouk is, but he was always with Oga all through the primaries. I also know the remaining details that transpired, which are beyond the scope of this bullet, but I will keep that for now. So I concur with Philip Shaibu when he said that Oga has prepared the results of Edo 2020 APC primary waiting to be announced. The only reason why Oga and his EPM are afraid of the Indirect Primary is that it cannot be manipulated: the delegates are known, and it would be conducted under very tight security and televised live for the whole world to hold a watching brief. DIRECT PRIMARY according to the epistle of saint Oshiomhole and pastor Ize-Iyamu is a complete FRAUD. It is a FARCE that must be resisted by all APC members. It should never be allowed to happen in Edo state. May God save Edo state and its people from the hands of political fraudsters.

Part 2:
Ahmed Gulak, Hope Uzondima, Farouk, the $3million & the Fraud Called Direct Primary in Imo State.

Part 3:
Dauda Lawal, the $10m & The Contraption Called Zamfara Indirect Primary.

As you watch out for these parts 2 & 3, please put on a bulletproof vest to avoid stories that touch.

Engr. Lukman, firing live from the armoury market.

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