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One of the challenge we have in Africa, is that majority of our Youths demographics aren’t well trained to face the present and future. They were trained with the tendencies to occupy the arena of the past. Again, quite frankly majority African Youths are too unserious.

Let’s imagine how Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Oceania train their Youths.

This reminded me of the wisdom-filled-statements made by my partner, referencing the need for ‘a paradigm shift’ in developing the requisite capacity to empower young people in Africa, noting that such time in itself was a valuable resource to transform the the continent.

I cannot agree less with this statement, because, each time, we repeat same old things in a new way, we should not expect to get excellently different result.

Majority African Youths of today complain almost about everything, giving out too much information about the nakedness of their parents and their homes. And social media has heightened this abomination and obvious stupidity of our young people, who are careless and always on a fast lane without coordination.

Another very obvious situation now, is that, these silly and ignorant (majority young people) are now being used as parameter to judge Africa’s current state and economic and governance flow-charts often by continents have been Champions, through their many negative colonial impacts criminal cause the exploitation of Africa. History cannot forget in a hurry such propensity of stealing, raping and sabotage of Africa’s natural resources, environment, cultures and other Mal-treatment to Africans (slavery), which have even resulted in the psycho-cultural dilemmas, traumas and the moral dissonance we now found ourselves.

Many of our young people (able bodied men and women) are jobless, simply because there have not been proper invested on in terms of skilling and educating these critical mass.

However and with this in mind, youths cannot be entirely blamed for the social woes that has confronted Africa, or their inability to Marshall strategic solutions due to steroid of avalanche of barriers.

One cannot give what they didn’t get!

Majority Youths of today complain about almost everything and sadly, when you engage these young people or decide support them. In seconds, they show ineptitude, and they disappear into thin air and come back giving excuses… This is a huge problem of integrity!

Why? Isn’t this laziness? Are the Youths even aware of such abrupt ignorance and problems, especially the barriers it is causing to their entire life cycle of tracks, whether of today or even what tomorrow holds?

The Youths of today also very often deceive themselves in many front: social, economic, political and even other areas of strategic importance and critical thinking – that they would have taken advantage of. One of them is the euphoria of certificates, which of course constitutes right now one of the many things that has not given them edge over their peers abroad. Worst case scenario, sadly, is the outrageous sense of entitlement.

The Youths of today must attempt to change and shift the paradigm in an organized effort. The following covert agenda, strategy, methods and applications can help, if well deployed and applied:

~ Stay away from social media ‘bull-locking’ – you can be tracked, monitored and relegated;

~ Form an industry cluster: mobilize yourselves into groups of dreamers, inventors, producers and influencers;

~ Establish yourselves into rift cooperative societies, and your major synergy should be in the facilitation of investment opportunities and potentials, as well as the ease of doing business, patronizing the ingenious products ‘Made in Africa’ as well as amplify such brands;

~ If you must use the social media, use it to amplify your made in Africa goods and services;

~ By all means necessary stop the self delusion, fake life and unnecessary grandstanding anywhere – this isn’t the essential if you are on the path to building a viable, with a commitment to the economic, industrial and structural transformation of Africa. Stay humble, smart and enterprising;

~ Stop fanning political, religious or cultural controversies, sentiments or motives – we are one people, one continent. Frankly, the New World Era has no place for such draw backs or stereotypes;

~ Love yourselves! No matter the disappointment, disagreement, fights you have with yourselves, you should always sort them out amicably – and desist from forming cults or mafia clubs, groups or negative peer pressures that ends up killing yourselves over senseless arguments than build an organized group to develop your several societies;

~ Move, work and defend each other as a PACK;

~ Because business, science, skills and knowledge is driven in modern day by political policies, the African Youths must rally themselves with such highest demographics to take strategically over leadership, mobilize for inclusion and participation the decision making process that directly and indirect affects them. In fact, take vested interest in the entire governance architecture of the political space. And never forget for once, that all politics is LOCAL. Get involve at your local level NOW;

~ Support each others’ DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS, and work hard together achieve bigger impact, converting these various aspirations to actions and the dreams into realities.

Youths of today, without recourse to hard work or educating them on soft and smart skills will make their lives a miserable venture, and outcomes for themselves is detrimental to nation building at every level and sector of society.

Overall, the African Youths must move well in a stable organized course of action, and not stumble.

They must not be on the fastest lane, yet must move in an accelerated pattern. They must desist from the incessant crave for immediate (without work) good life, good houses and nice cars. These things will come, but it only come by working smart and supporting the system you will build – that journey is Now!

Unfortunately, it is sad that Youths of today never enjoyed the benefits of the good old days of our fathers, amazing things. Not even 5% of what the present crop of leaders who now perpetuate their stay in power as emperors enjoys enjoyed, has even been given by policy thrust to Youths of Today.

Well in those days, young people were trained, educated, and huge funds we invested in acquire amazing life sustaining skills. These inspired them to face their present and tomorrow. And now, these leaders are incapable of giving the Youths what they themselves had enjoyed. What has gone wrong? Yet today, none of those good life, Infrastructure, Policy, institutional support is happening anymore.

In fact young people of those days were literally spoofed and had everything going good for them. They had huge support – scholarships, free education, free meal, decent jobs, enabling environment for businesses, minimal corruption, high moral Virtue practices, very reduced yet tamed crime, delinquencies and other social vices levels.

How does the Youth engage in the present scenarios of today with adequate capacity, love, commitment by leaders to make this aspirations realized?

These are practical reasons why the youths don’t have to be blamed.

It is obvious that in today’s Africa, what had once given the African Youth a better structured life, such as the school, certificate and associate degrees or professional courses done, that we all accumulate doesn’t make sense anymore.

What matters most is now the Dreams that you have, and how determined you pursue the skill sets and zeal to implement those Dreams into REALITY: Unhindered, Unperturbed, Resilient, Strong-willed and Sagacious and driven by overall SACRIFICE!

The Youth of today must rise to the occasion, they must be strategic, logical and critical in thinking. This is non-negotiable!

The African Youths should by any means and in all sense of Urgency rally, be kind, passionate, humble and faithful to themselves, which must include strategic planning, tactics and resolutions to move Africa together.

The times we are in, is necessarily not the times of old where protest were the essential tools for the demand of social justice and equality for the rights and privileges of all citizens, or where the constitution was heavily relied on.

A concerted effort by the Youth themselves, therefore is both a NECESSITY and a MUST! Hence, the African Youth (young men and women) must think strategically and think so, outside of the box in bringing to life innovation, technological and sound solutions and result in order to transition from their today’s predicaments into their tomorrow’s transformation.

This too, requires ORGANIZATION.

The catchphrase here is #Organization. This means the sum total of all will power strategy needed to bring to an end the atrocities caused by the wicked bondage that has kept unavailable.

African YOUTH Free yourselves NOW!

Yours in Pan-Africanism,

~ Carl Oshodi

Yours in Pan-Africanism,

Carl Oshodi

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