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Funny People, like funny lies are everywhere consciously willing to pull their neighbors down.

When they are unable to achieve their goals, they resort to unending strategies to hallucinate and pedal more infamous utterances either as a report or wild goose chase.

The tin lines from the so called workers in Ovia North-East Local Government Area of Edo State accusing the council chairman, Hon. Scott Osazee Ogbemudia of embezzling over N60 million ‘welfare fund,’ a staff contribution by over 500 employees of the council is a trace of funny lies by same family of retrogressive of pull down Syndrome.

The only thing they do and do very well is propaganda, and in extension, wee frequently at variance while the pressure assert in their bladder showing signs of punishment for such act.

However, Curled from Their infamous allegations, which reads as Part, “the chairman had since March 2020 commenced half salary payment to the employees with the excuse that Governor Godwin Obaseki had cut local government allocations”, would have been neglected but for posterity, it suffice to put the record straight.

For the record, from a skirmish of investigation carried out, we are not unaware of various tricks implored by those failures suspected to be EPM people who had resorted in the pre-election cheap blackmailing of the Governor, Godwin Obaseki’s administration.

Most Recently, the kingpin of the group of blackmailers in a well circulated statement, apologized to the Residents Electoral Commissioner, REC, of Akwa Ibom State, Mike Igini with the hope that he will be forgiven.

Days on, extended proteges of that set up are on the prowl, this time the Governor’s most loyal Chairman in a bid to discredit the administration after they had tried and most catastrophically, failed in the election.

Responding to what he described as a falsehood, the Chairman of the Council, Hon Scott Ogbemudia, through his Spokesperson, Valentine Osunbor, said to set the Record Straight, the Council Staffers, have been paid full Salaries except for three months which include, March, October and November, which is not peculiar to Ovia North East Local Government alone.

According to Osunbor, “We are not unaware that the Covid-19 Pandemic ravaging effects on the World Economic, talk more of a local Government Areas administration that have Struggled to pay their Salaries”.

“My question now is, if the Said Council Boss didn’t embezzle while he was able to pay his staff comfortably during the trying periods, is it when All Councils are struggling to pay their Staffers, he will have accesses to such a huge fund that would gladly use in paying his Staff?

Osunbor argued that, those behind the neck breaking blackmailing are enemies of a progressive society who only lean against a sinking pole and dish out their last breath of many episodes of unfounded digs.

He admonished them to seek as a matter of urgency forgiveness like their master, a better way of creating and promoting the Council, State, and the society rather than becoming objects of mockery.

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