Our Military Personel will come back Home If Presidency Doesn’t Come To The South – Edo DG

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Our Military Personnel will come back home.

In a recent interview with the Edo state Deputy Governor Comrade Philip Shuaibu, he revealed that the 17 Southern States are ready to leave the Nigeria Union if their request that the presidency should be zoned to the South is not agreed to by the Northern elites.

He explained that the only thing the North has to offer Nigeria is their unproductive population which they use to intimidate the South, while the resources of the country are domiciled in Southern Nigeria.

“They should go with their population while we go with our resources.”

We will ask our ppl in the armed forces to relocate back home and leave their desert for them.

The middle belt peoples can join us if they wish to, they have good Agricultural lands that can supply enough food to our new country.

Ask if he was not afraid of being persecuted by the Buhari regime he declared that “no one can arrest me as a sitting deputy Governor, I have immunity.
I have been in the struggle for freedom my entire adult life.”

Comrade Philip Shuaibu
Edo State Dep Governor.

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