Wireborg Technology Obaseki Mandate Group Pick Expression of Interest Form at the APC National Secretariat

Obaseki Mandate Group Pick Expression of Interest Form at the APC National Secretariat

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A group, Obaseki Mandate Group resident in Abuja, FCT, have floored the Oshiomhole led NWC over its refusal to sell APC governorship ticket to it despite meeting all the requirements for purchase of the form at the National secretariat of the party.

The National Chairman of Obaseki Mandate Forum FCT, Mr. Nathaniel O. Momoh, said picking the form for the governor signified a vote of confidence passed on him and his administration by good people of Edo State.

Reports had it that after the body had tranfer about 22 million naira as the amount to the bank provided by the party, on getting to the secretariat, Oshiomhole did everything to ensure they didn’t get access to the forms claiming they were yet to receive the transaction alert.

After mounting pressure on the national organising Secretary of the party by the presidency, the secretariat had to bow to superior force by reversing itself from the earlier claim that it didn’t receive the transaction alert for the expression of interest form paid for by the group.

When it was time to present the form, they sold 2019 forms until the the group demanded that they should be presented with 2020 Expression of Interest Form which they had no choice than to submit.

It is clear now that all the plans to stop Governor Godwin Obaseki from purchasing the form from the national secretariat of the party has suffer defeat in the face of opposition led by Oshiomhole EPM faction.

Fans and well wishers of Godwin Obaseki were at hand to witness the event as smile fill up their faces signalling a new dawn in ahead of the primary slated for June 22, 2020.

However, it is clear that the governor is fully prepare to make a return to Osadebey house for another 4 years to continue his developmental strides for Edo state.

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