Nigeria Immigration Announces Commencement of Passport Issuance.

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The New enhanced e-Passport (Validity and Cost)

  • 32 pages valid 5 years is 26k
  • 64 pages valid 5 years is 35k
  • 64 pages valid 10 years is 70k.

NOTE: These prices only for three states; Lagos, Abuja and Rivers and all ages will pay same price for ONLY these 3 locations.

For the rest of the 33 states, price is as follows;

  • 32 pages valid for 5 years 17,800
  • 64 pages valid for 5 years 23,000

NOTE: Children less than 16 and adults 60 and above pay 11,000 for 32 pages which is valid for 5 years.

Also, be aware you’ll be paying online, not like before that you pay exorbitant amount on counter base on who you know

If you are applying in Nigeria, You don’t need any immigration officer to help you, pay online, print your receipts and forms online and go with all your documents to their office.

Any documentary requirements that will be asked are specifically stated on the portal below.

Then when you want to apply online, click on fresh passport, if you have never had a passport.

If you have had a passport click on renewal

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