Wireborg Technology Niger Delta Youth Parliament Demand A Full Scale Investigation on Oil Thefts, Commends Tantita Security Serviced Limited.

Niger Delta Youth Parliament Demand A Full Scale Investigation on Oil Thefts, Commends Tantita Security Serviced Limited.

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The recent discovery of the 4KM illegal tapping on the TRANS-FORCADOS/RAMOS PIPELINE linked to SHELL-owned “AFREMO A Platform” by a well-coordinated oil theft comes to us as a shocker and discoveries. This is an illegal tapping that has bled our country’s Economic Mainstay and our environment over the years and we begin to imagine how crude oil running into millions of barrels is conveniently smuggled from our pipelines without the knowledge of the Government and security agencies.

As you may know, crude oil is not a candy nor a bottle of water that anyone can take away from our country without being noticed, hence, it is clear that a Niger Delta youth or any single person cannot siphon and export illegal crude oil without any assistance from security agencies or government officials.

It is noxious that our God-given natural resources are conveniently siphoned and diverted by private individuals, groups, and companies whose contributions to the growth and development of the Niger Delta region remain epileptic while our very talented, educated, and experienced youths battle for survival in all ramifications as evidenced in the uncountable number of unemployed youths of the said region, hence, the low standard of living of our people.

While we will not be quick to engage in any act of culmination, we are convinced by all indications that there are Connivance, Accomplices, and the deliberate act of collusion to rob the Niger Deltans of their God-given resources and environment.

In light of the above and without sounding presumptuous, we demand a full-scale investigation of the 4km illegal tapping on the Trans-Forcados/Ramos Pipeline by the Federal Government with a view to prosecuting the culprits.

We hereby admonish the Nigerian Government, and its related agencies not to leave any stone unturned while fishing out all the culprits involved in this heinous crime against Nigeria and the Niger Delta people in particular and its environs. Anyone involved in this criminal act whether, from the host communities, Officials of these Oil Companies, or Government Officials should be dealt with according to the law without fear or favor.

The Niger Delta Youth Parliament (NDYP) will at this point, commend the Federal Government Of Nigeria on the recent renewal of the pipeline surveillance contracts within the Niger Delta region.

This is indeed a laudable development bearing in mind the benefits of securing our National Assets through this approach as evidenced in recent exposures regarding the activities of well-coordinated oil thefts.

However, while it is one thing to award these contracts, it is another thing if not the most important thing to follow up and actualize the said purpose, hence, the Niger Delta Youth Parliament hereby call on the Ministry Of Petroleum to publish the names of all surveillance Contractors and their areas of coverage for record purpose with a view to ensuring effective public monitoring and assessment of operations.

In the same vein, we demand that the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria, Security Agencies, and related Parties disclose to the public every information they have about the recently discovered tappings as the government owes its citizens such a duty and obligation as a way of guiding public opinion, and strengthening our democracy.

RT HON IFON Daniel Samuel, Speaker Niger Delta Youth Parliament (NDYP) laud the TANTITA SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED, a pipeline surveillance outfit championed by High Chief, Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo (AKA, TOMPOLO).
We commend the youth leader for meaningfully engaging and employing a plenitude of Niger Delta youths to carry out the outfit’s operations.

Very striking is the security outfit’s proactive approach in effectively discharging its duties without sentiments coupled with its overwhelming discoveries geared toward boosting our economy and equally ensuring a sanitized environment.

The discoveries by TANITA Security Services Ltd have been an eye-opener to other Contractors who hitherto were yet to devise an effective approach to combating this degree of organized Oil theft.

Conclusively, while we have made our demands known to the government and its related agencies, and as we patiently wait for swift compliance, we plead with all Niger Delta youths to remain civil in their dealings and approaches by not allowing themselves to be used by enemies of the Nigerian economy and the Niger Delta environment as it is not in our collective interest as Niger Deltans and as Nigerians.

Rt. Hon. Ifon Daniel Samuel.
Honorable Speaker, Niger Delta Youth Parliament

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