Getting a Distinction wasn’t on a platter but I refused to be deterred – Blessing Pela.

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Meet Miss Blessing Pela, a young lady who just graduated from Coventry University in the United Kingdom with a distinction in MSc despite all odds in her undergraduate days.

Blessing graduated from the Department of Microbiology at the University of Benin with a second class lower division (2.2), after suffering a spate of disappointments during her days at the University. In her words she refused to allow the frustration she got from UNIBEN and her department deter her from striving for the best.

The enterprising Blessing Pela who gained admission into the University of Benin in 2010 to study microbiology which was a four-year course ended up spending overtime, as she was haunted with poor results at all levels which were not a reflection of her ability as the chaotic and unbaked teaching system at the school assumed her to be dull and unproductive due to its emphasis on studying to pass examinations rather than studying to be useful in society. According to Miss Pela, ‘the system at UNIBEN made me feel I had nothing to offer, and this affected my psyche at a point, but irrespective of the odds against me I was determined to prove a point; that I was better than what my results on the school board was saying’.

True to her word, Miss Blessing Pela proceeded to the United Kingdom with her second class lower certificate and enrolled at Coventry University, where she demonstrated her inner belief in her ability by bagging a distinction at her masters’, thereby proving that her results at her undergraduate days was not a true representation of who Miss Blessing Pela is and this indeed is the true Nigerian spirit, which never gives up in the face of adversity. Her story is an inspiration to those who feel frustrated about the Nigerian system of education and a reminder that one can be what he wants to be regardless of the circumstances he or she is faced with.

Congratulations Miss Blessing Pela.

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