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Direct Primary Is A Democratic Coup

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By Ogiemwonyi Osazuwa

Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of justice. As a result, all the progressives in Edo APC are stressing that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole should correct the injustice done to all lovers of justice for choosing direct primary for the conduct of APC guber primaries in Edo State.

Earlier, INEC has designed guidelines for safe polls amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, stressing that political parties should consult the State Government before taking final decision on the mode of primary to be adopted. INEC also stated that the health and safety of the people must be considered in adopting any mode of primaries by the political parties.

Unfortunately, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole thrown INEC advised out the window based on his personal interest, and in playing the proscribed Edo people’s movement(EPM) card, he quickly signified INEC in written that APC has adopted the direct primaries.

This singular act if allowed to succeed will not only undermine the State Government fight against the deadly contagious Coronavirus pandemic in the State, but also execute a democratic coup in the forthcoming APC guber primaries.

Recall that, in Lagos State in 2018 when APC held direct primaries to choose its gubernatorial flag-bearer. The outcome was a successful democratic coup, Mr.Sanwo Olu scored nine hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and fifty one(970,8051) votes (only party members). In general election, Sanwo scored seven hundred and thirty nine thousand four hundred and forty five(739,440) votes (all lagosians). This is the direct primaries magic fraud in APC. There is nothing like direct primaries. It’s a fraud.

As a matter of fact, Comrade Oshiomhole should do the honourable thing to withdraw the first letter of notification he wrote to the INEC, and write a new letter to inform INEC of indirect primary which is in tuned with the APC faithfuls and all the stakeholders of Edo State. So, now is the time for a re-think Comrade for justice to prevail for the common good of all in the interest of the state.

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