Benin Ultra-Modern Hospital: Oshiomhole and Golda Osikhena’s Zenith of Financial Crimes and Deceit .

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Benin Ultra-Modern Hospital: Oshiomhole and Golda Osikhena’s Zenith of Financial Crimes and Deceit .

Oshiomhole speaks out..

Fails to mention the contractor.

Edo state people in particular and Nigerians at large are steadily beginning to see the sordid character behind the fake ornamental decoration of an egotistic miniature masquerade that is the ill-fitted APC National Chairman called Adams Oshiomhole.

Unfortunately, Oshiomhole’s eight years of governance of Edo State was a regrettable misadventure; the tenure is largely the story of financial and economic ‘’raids’’ on the coffers of its geo-political entity.

From the long list of state-sponsored financial raids carrying the imprimatur of Oshiomhole is the instance of the Benin Ultra-Modern Hospital project in which Oshiomhole diverted nearly five billion naira towards the final days of his administration.

The heartlessness and the sheer absence of humanity exhibited by Oshiomhole in diverting the funds for this project is the zenith of unconscionable kleptomania.

One would think that the self-acclaimed pro-democracy and pro-masses advocate will not dare play such reckless games and construct a tower of deceit around this particular kind of medical project; it will be assumed that Oshiomhole based on his own intimate tragic experience of what lack of machine for early detection of cancer and, therefore, the commencement of effective treatment would mean for families.

But the entire project was a gargantuan fraud right from the beginning.
Though painful, it could be said that the scam foisted on the people, by the diversion of the funds allocated for the hospital project, is far more deadly than the disease which Oshiomhole promised that the health institution will help to cure. Rather than give Edo people the pride of having an internationally referenced cancer treatment center, Oshiomhole immediately after securing the 5-billion-naira budget for the hospital commenced an extensive

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