Wireborg Politics Bayelsa Guber: Sylva, Oshiomhole Aided Our Victory — PDP

Bayelsa Guber: Sylva, Oshiomhole Aided Our Victory — PDP

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Bayelsa Guber: Sylva, Oshiomhole Aided Our Victory — PDP

The Peoples Democratic Par­ty (PDP) has asked the Min­ister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, to stop unnecessary vilification of the Supreme Court and the judiciary following the apex court’s decision on the Bayel­sa governorship suit.

The Bayelsa State secre­tary of the PDP, Chief God­spower Keku, said in a state­ment on Monday that Sylva and the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Osh­iomhole, played a critical role in aiding the PDP to wrest the governorship mandate from the APC through the bold de­cisions of the court.

He said the party com­mended Sylva and Oshiom­hole for making it easy for the PDP to avert a waiting catastrophe by foisting a candidate who never won a primary and handpicking Senator Degi Eremienyon, his cousin, as running mate to David Lyon.

According to him, Sylva propped up David Lyon and Degi as his stooges in further­ance of his ambition to com­bine the position of minister with that of the governor of Bayelsa State.

Keku made the comment while reacting to an interview by Chief Sylva on Channels Television in which the min­ister accused the Supreme Court of wrongdoing in its ruling.

He noted that with the fi­nal verdict of the Supreme Court on the Bayelsa gover­norship, Sylva ought to have apologised for the Nembe massacre of 21 persons, the vandalisation of the residenc­es of former governor, Henry Seriake Dickson, and Gover­nor Douye Diri, the attack on the PDP secretariat, the Steve Azaiki Library, the judiciary, among others, rather than casting aspersions on the in­tegrity of the Supreme Court.

He stated also that Sylva should show remorse for the sponsored protests at the resi­dences of Justice Mary Odilli in Abuja and Port Harcourt.

“Sylva should not blame the Supreme Court and the judiciary. The fact is that he helped us; his people worked with us to reclaim the man­date wrongfully taken by the All Progressives Congress to avert a disaster.

“…We thank him and Oshiomhole for making it easy for us, the PDP and the good people of Bayel­sa, to stop the catastrophe foist on Bayelsa because of his burning ambition to be both minister and governor by installing a stooge who never won primaries; by bringing Degi, his cousin, and foisting him on David Lyon and the APC. he and his party wanted to

“He should apologise for the Nembe killings, the at­tack on my home, Gov Diri’s home, the attack on the High Court, the Azaiki Library, the PDP secretariat and several other places rather than the immoral assault on the Su­preme Court.”

Keku challenged Sylva to explain what he did with over $150 million he allegedly received from oil companies and others for the purpose of the Bayelsa governorship election which he didn’t spend.

He called on the Federal Government to investigate the minister for foisting ex­treme violence on Bayelsans and Bayelsa since 2015.

He also called on the in­ternational community to investigate the minister and impose a visa ban on him for hiding under the influence of the presidency to perpe­trate political terrorism in Bayelsa.

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