Wireborg Technology About The Latest iPhone’s Emergency SOS Feature.

About The Latest iPhone’s Emergency SOS Feature.

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Apple has spent the past few years weaving safety technology into its lineup of devices, ranging from heart rate sensors on the Apple Watch to Car Crash Detection accelerometers on the iPhone. But the company’s newest feature satellite communication is also its most ambitious yet. As of today, all models of the iPhone 14 in the U.S. and Canada can connect to a satellite when there is a lapse of cellular service, without requiring you to pay for a secondary device or subscription fee.

This connection enables emergency SOS text messaging that shares your precise location and problem with nearby first responders so long as you’re outdoors with a clear view of the sky. And in a non-emergency scenario, you can tap into the satellite coverage for Apple’s FindMy app to share your location with friends and family if there’s no cell service.

Traditionally, once your phone loses network connectivity, it becomes a glorified media player great for taking pictures and playing downloaded music but unable to call or text. Hobbyists that often head off the grid, like backpackers and trail runners, combat this lack of service with a secondary satellite communicator like a Garmin In Reach or spot GPS system However, this equipment costs several hundreds of dollars while taking up precious space with their bulky antennas. It’s safe to say that the average joe isn’t going to have an additional device like this on hand for an unexpected emergency.

So if you get lost on a day hike or drive through a dead zone, you’re out of reach should an accident occur. Now the iPhone in your pocket offers a second layer of utility by acting as an emergency device to keep you connected while off the grid. After we spent some time testing the service last week, it looks to be the most promising addition to Apple’s safety features.


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